Unique Pilates Programs for Pregnancy – Carnegie

One of our clients being coached during a pregnancy Pilates session in Melbourne

Women undergo enormous physical changes during pregnancy and after delivery that can be alleviated with our unique Pregnancy Pilates program. Developed specifically for expectant mothers, the elite sessions are also appropriate for women following delivery.

We offer multiple hands-on therapies for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, along with the specialty Pilates program. Pilates exercises focus on the core abdominal muscles that are used during pregnancy and delivery, and are typically the most difficult to return to their pre-pregnancy state.

The specialized exercises develop strength and stability within the body’s core that is used to support the baby as it develops. Those same muscles are utilized extensively during labor. Deliveries are easier when the core is strong and also allows women to regain their pre-pregnancy contours quicker.

Each woman is different and will experience their own particular set of aches, pains and discomforts. Pregnancy Pilates classes are customized to meet the needs of the individual and classes are limited to three people, ensuring each participant receives individualized attention.

Pregnancy places multiple stresses on the musculoskeletal system. Symptoms worsen as the posture changes to accommodate the growing baby. The Pregnancy Pilates sessions are effective in relieving pain in the back and buttocks, pubic region and ribcage. It’s also effective in preventing a condition that can cause the separation of the stomach muscles during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding brings its own set of aches and pains due to positions taken during feeding. Some women develop carpal tunnel pain, numbness and tingling in the hands or wrist. Others may experience pain in the region of the bra strap that can begin during pregnancy and get worse after breastfeeding.

Our physio team have extensive experience and specialized training to ensure safety. There are certain types of Pilates exercises that should be avoided during pregnancy, especially if the individual experiences any pain. All our physiotherapists are Pregnancy Pilates experts, ensuring expectant mothers remain safe.

Hands-on Techniques

Women live hectic lives that don’t slow down during pregnancy. The demands of family and work often make for a tense and exhausting day. A variety of hands-one therapies are offered to facilitate relaxation, relieve stress and help women feel rejuvenated.

Massage therapy, cupping and reflexology for the feet are all designed to improve circulation, sooth away aches and help the body heal itself. The therapies help remove toxins from the body, have been proven to have a beneficial psychological impact and improve the recipient’s overall mood.