Physiotherapy in Carnegie

Experts in Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries

Physiotherapy provides a multitude of treatment options for injuries and conditions stemming from work, play, chronic disease and vehicle accidents. The goal at Physiotherapy Melbourne is to ease pain, restore motion and provide a complete recovery. Multiple techniques and methods are employed that enable clients to return to their regular activities in the shortest time possible.

Clients have an extensive array of therapies from which to choose, all of which provide proven results. Patients receive a thorough assessment that allows the Centre’s professionals to make an accurate diagnosis. Only then will an individualized treatment and management program be designed.

Our team of experienced professionals have extensive knowledge and experience with hands-on and state-of-the-art techniques to address chronic pain and disease, and immediate and past injuries for children, teens and adults. Services are available for pregnancy-related problems and conditions, along with those that arise following delivery.

Patients will find options to relieve pain arising from spinal injuries, TMJ dysfunction and migraine headaches. Strains, sprains, joints, tendons and muscles can all be injured and our Physiotherapists have multiple methods to treat each type of injury. Osteoporosis and arthritis are serious conditions that can be treated with physiotherapy techniques to strengthen bones and maintain a range of motion.

Clinical Pilates and therapeutic massage are available that have proven effective in treating injuries, accelerating healing and rehabilitation, and enhancing sports performance. Both therapies offer a valuable means of helping to treat existing injuries and conditions, while assisting in the prevention of injuries before they occur.

Sports Injuries Are A Specialty

Physiotherapy Melbourne specializes in treating the sports related injuries of recreational and professional athletes. A multi-method approach is essential when treating sports injuries to facilitate a full recovery. Customized programs are designed to tone, strengthen and maintain motion and flexibility, allowing individuals to return to their normal level of play and competition.

SpiderTech™ taping is utilized at our practice for fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes and anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. The award-winning athletic tape is used to protect and provide additional support for muscles during sports participation and training to reduce discomfort and activate muscle motion. It conforms to any body part and our physiotherapists can provide patients with instruction on its application.

Our clinic maintains a fully equipped Pilates studio and offers a full range of physiotherapy services for 15 years for residents in the areas of Bentleigh, Caulfield, Glen Huntly, Malvern East, Murrumbeena and Ormond.