Expert Treatment and Management of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak, brittle and fracture easily. Bones can become so weakened that mild stress factors such as coughing, bending over, or a mild bump can result in a fracture. The physiotherapists at Glen Eira are experts at helping clients manage and mitigate the effects of osteoporosis.

Bones absorb and replace calcium throughout an individual’s lifetime. When bones can’t renew themselves at a rate equal to loss, osteoporosis occurs. It’s a condition that affects all races, ages and genders. Glen Eira has a variety of methods and techniques that can help prevent one loss and strengthen bones that are exhibiting signs of osteoporosis.

Some people are more predisposed toward developing osteoporosis. Women in late puberty, early menopause or who went through an early menopause are at increased risk due to variations in hormone levels. Men with low testosterone levels are equally at risk, as is anyone with a thyroid condition and those taking breast cancer medications.

Men and women with small frames should speak with their physician about a simple scan to determine bone density. They’re more likely to develop osteoporosis, as are Asian and Caucasian women. Those who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery, had a stomach bypass or partial removal of the intestines, or have anorexia are at increased risk.

Those using corticosteroids for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions should have bone density checks to determine if they’ve developed osteoporosis. People with diseases that include Celiac and inflammatory bowel disease often develop weakened bones. Additional risk factors include low levels of physical activity and exercise, smoking, poor diet and genetics.

Physiotherapy for Better Bones

Osteoporosis typically doesn’t display any symptoms until a fracture occurs and it’s detected as part of the diagnostic process. Glen Eira physiotherapists are experts in the treatment and management of osteoporosis. A weight bearing and resistance exercise program will be designed that’s tailored to the current level and abilities of the client. Programs are modified as needed.

The specialized programs at Physiotherapy Melbourne help increase bone density. They’re beneficial for impeding the progression of the condition and slowing down bone loss associated with aging. Osteoporosis management programs include balance and posture training to minimize the potential for injury, while maintaining flexibility and spine health. Clinical Pilates exercises can be adapted for clients with osteoporosis.

Jodi Hendler is the Centre’s principal physiotherapist, specializing in osteoporosis treatment and management. To book an assessment or consultation, call 9571-2111.