Massage, Reflexology & Cupping in Carnegie

Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial massage reaches deep within tissues to sooth, relax and heal. The method is beneficial for treating a wide range of pain, injuries both past and present, and for rehabilitation needs. Therapeutic massage is a treatment for calming the nervous system, increasing circulation, and augmenting the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Massage therapy is especially beneficial for those who have developed scar tissue. The technique is adapted to the needs of the individual while maintaining the underlying principles of the therapy. The deep tissue massage helps speed recovery times and leaves individuals feeling completely relaxed upon completion of a session.

Professional and recreational athletes around the world are incorporating massage therapy into their training programs. The method helps prevent injuries by keeping muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues flexible and pliable. Massage is also an effective treatment for over training injuries and in rehabilitation programs to maintain a range of motion.

Our physiotherapists work closely with physicians to provide the type of massage that best suits the client’s needs and goals. The therapy can be utilized to address sleep issues, repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis and chronic pain throughout the body. It has a psychological impact that leaves clients feeling rejuvenated.


The focus of reflexology is the feet, in which a trained physiotherapist applies pressure to specific points that correspond to an area within the body. It’s an effective complementary treatment for addressing conditions that include diabetes, cardiovascular issues and even anxiety. Reflexology can be employed as a preventative measure.

Sessions are customized to accommodate the needs of the individual to address multiple issues or a specific problem. Reflexology shouldn’t be confused with foot massage that’s typically offered at spas. Reflexology is a specialized technique conducted by trained physiotherapists.


The technique known as cupping is used to treat soft tissue injuries, strains, and pain in the back and hips. Cupping utilizes the body’s natural channels to improve the flow of energy. The therapy encourages blood flow, working with the body’s own defenses to eliminate toxins.

Cupping is one of the oldest techniques utilized in traditional Chinese medical practices. The earliest use of the method was recorded in pictographs found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 2330 B.C. It’s used to treat a multitude of conditions in which pain, congestion and inflammation are factors. It promotes healing by utilizing the body’s own natural abilities.